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My New Laptop has built-in Mic! You know what this means.....

2010-02-23 20:42:12 by edtheninja

i am now able to be a voice actor! hip-hop hooray! okay, so i can/will do the following voices

Clumsy Male Anime
Crazy People
The Joker (Dark Knight)
and a few other things. just PM me if you are interested, and i'll be lurking the forums soon.

First flash: Stick Animation

2009-02-16 14:59:07 by edtheninja

i'm currently working on a first flash to be released, because i already made some but have not released them. so here's a screenshot, look for it by march.

First flash: Stick Animation

somebody use my stuff!

2008-03-03 20:50:43 by edtheninja

there's gotta be some song you can use. i mean i have at least 3 actually good songs. help a man out!

i will be back masking stuff from marilyn manson mostly from the first two albums and some spooky kids. this will be my first series of music. the next one will be remixes, followed by covers then i will do a series of metal songs with a storyline. and of course as always i still have to finish the other parts of vicious cycle. so if you have any midi thing that could help me with metal, please tell me.

the final update (not)

2008-01-08 21:00:27 by edtheninja

this is the madness thing again. i know have like 5 people. one guy is really helping. other people have their characters ready and i......................

i am grounded from my computer.

but i will try as hard as i can to get it when it should be. this is definetly gonna be delayed maybe until next year.

slipknot project

2007-12-07 18:35:33 by edtheninja

i suck at animating this. i did clown good but the rest suck and i won't be able to move their head. i need help.

Goth Rock Band(Update)

2007-12-02 15:06:26 by edtheninja

Stinkychops is programming i am animating. will have about 10 songs and a few unlockables. already done with the guitar stuff, working on drums now.

tehkiller collab

2007-12-02 13:55:46 by edtheninja

untitled collab with tehkiller. don't know what it's about yet but it will be metal

tehkiller collab

Bleach untitled series

2007-12-02 13:50:11 by edtheninja

A series about bleach and it is a parody. no title yet, making with sickandinsane

Bleach untitled series